Extra Large Dog Wellness Plan

88.1-132 lbs. as an adult

ONLY $53 PER MONTH* — Save Over $138!

PLUS 10% OFF all products and services (excluding diets)
PLUS Unlimited Visits for an additional $10/month

Anytime your pet is not feeling well, your exam fee is covered with this Wellness Plan Add-On.Take the stress out of worrying about your furry family member and have one of our doctors examine your pet to ensure their optimal health. Make sure small concerns don’t turn into major medical issues.

Services Without Plan With Plan
Annual Care Vaccination $114.75 Included
Annual Wellness Exam 55.00 Included
Fecal Exam $19.00 Included
Comprehensive Wellness Bloodwork $130.00 Included
6-month Bordetella Vaccine $24.75 Included
12-month Supply of Flea and Tick Prevention $237.52 Included
12-month Supply of Heartworm Prevention $193.67 Included
TOTAL $774.69


*Additional $35 one-time membership fee collected upon enrollment. This is a 12-month contract that will auto-renew. Please ask staff for more information.