High Quality Wellness Care at an Affordable Price​

Here at East Coweta Veterinary Hospital, we know that your pets are part of your family. We also know that when you are seeking care for your pet, you want only the best at a place you can trust. East Coweta Veterinary Hospital continues to be that trusted source as we strive to provide high quality pet care and excellent customer service. We feel it is our responsibility to exceed the norm and reach for excellence when it comes to taking care of our clients and their pets. Our goal is to make you feel like part of our family, as we are taking care of part of yours. We are committed to caring for your pet as if it were our own, and treating you with the warmth of a valued friend.

We know that caring for your pet, year after year, can get expensive. That is why we have put together Wellness Clubs at East Coweta Veterinary Hospital. These Clubs allow you to get everything you need for your pet’s Annual Wellness Visit at an affordable price. The Clubs also include additional perks that vary depending on the life stage of your pet.

Pet Wellness Plans