We offer pet “vacations” for your furry family members when they are unable to travel with you! With more than fifty kennels/runs for canines and eight kennels for felines we would be happy to care for your pet while you are away.

Boarding Policy Information

Your pet’s boarding visit includes a brief examination by a highly trained technician, monitoring throughout their visit by trained veterinary staff, flea treatment at check-in, food, water, and bedding. If your pet is on a special diet or special medications, please bring them and we will ensure they receive them appropriately.

As well as having more than fifty kennels for your canine friends, we have two fenced yards for them to stretch their legs and play. Our boarding allows your dog yard time three times daily – once in the morning, once mid-day and once in the evening. During the mid-day let out, your pet is allowed 15 minutes of play time out in the yard.Your dog gets to choose the activity he or she prefers including fetch, lap time, brushing or just catching some rays. If you are bringing more than one dog, we do have double runs that are considerably larger to ensure the comfort of multiple dogs. Families will also be able to go outside to explore the yard together. While we would love for all dogs to get along, it isn’t always the case. Therefore, dogs are taken out individually unless they are family to ensure their safety.

Our loving staff will give your babies the love and attention they deserve during their stay!

In order to ensure your pet’s accommodations, please make sure to book your reservations in advance! We also require all boarding pets to be current on their vaccinations for the health and safety of them as well as our other guests!

Boarding Requirements

  • Canines: Dhpp, Intestinal Parasite Screen, Heartworm test (if over 1 year of age), Bordetella (Required Every 6 months), Canine Influenza, Rabies.
  • Felines: Rabies, FVRCP, Internal Parasite Screen

Proof of vaccination/services is required or they will be performed at owner’s expense.

PLEASE NOTE: All patients admitted to the hospital must be parasite free- Any evidence of fleas or ticks will be treated with an appropriate medication if necessary. Any evidence of intestinal parasites will be treated appropriately unless proof of current treatment is known.